Oliver Peters was born in Saratoga Springs, and was raised in the Erie Canal Region of New York State. He is a graduate of The Cleveland Institute of Art, where he received a 5 Year B.F.A. in Visual Arts and Technology: Photography. His work illustrates a delicate balance of technique and materiality, where the process of creation is equally integral to meaning. Oliver has exhibited at the Sculpture Center in Cleveland, The Hyde Collection in Glens Falls, throughout the Capital Region and the Tri-State Area. He has been published in the international art & culture magazine make8elieve {ohio#switzerland}, and his work can be found in Pierogi Flat Files, New York. He was a visiting artist at Emma Willard School in Troy, New York, and lectures when given the opportunity. His most recent work includes graphic explorations linked to the relationship between musical notation and planar constructions and the writing and production of if we touch, our eyes will never meet, part of In-faux-structure at Opalka Gallery. He currently lives and works as an artist and educator in Albany, New York.